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protects health
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Our Solutions

Clean water and air are indispensable to human health. CycloPure is applying breakthrough adsorption technologies to provide new solutions that address the global problem of contamination from micropollutants.

Our porous polymers are uniquely designed to safely and cost-effectively capture and remove pollutants in trace concentration from water and air. Flexible application of our polymer materials on various media extends their use across major markets: Water Treatment, Functionalized Fabrics and Industrial Separations.

We are bringing our advanced solutions to market through commercial partner channels, by enhancing existing product lines, while we continue to focus our efforts on innovation.

Water Treatment

Our polymers are ideally suited to capture and remove toxic chemicals from water in concentrations of 1 part per billion and below.  Learn more.

Functionalized Fabrics

The material can be embedded into cotton and other textiles to create functionalized fabrics that provide adsorbent barriers against VOCs (solvents and industrial vapors and gasses,) undesirable odors and other pollutants. Learn more.

Industrial Separations

CycloPure’s polymers have been optimized to sequester and separate target chemicals. This has exceptional utility for our partners in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Fragrance among others.  Learn more.