Adsorbant Textiles

Functionalized Fabrics

Using proprietary methods, CycloPure is able to bond its highly adsorbent materials into woven and non-woven textiles to functionalize fabrics.

The functionalization of fabrics greatly expands the use of the company’s adsorption technology to  remove VOCs and contaminants from water and air, enabling the development of innovative textiles and  fiber materials, such as water purification membranes, odor controlling fabrics, respirators and other  protective materials. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) comprise a broad category of airborne pollutants emitted from  industry, transportation, and commercial activity, including solvents, vapors and gases.

The nature of the augmented fabric is unchanged, and can be used with existing  manufacturing techniques and equipment.. When tested for uptake of pollutants in water and air,  the polymerized fibers outperformed untreated cotton fabric and other commercial absorbents by a  magnitude of ten-fold.

We have integrated the cyclodextrin polymer
with cotton fabric, creating functionalized fabrics
that provide adsorbent protection
against VOCs and undesirable odors.

Functionalized cotton
outperforms commercial
“odor controlling” fabrics.

Embedded Textiles

The ability to functionalize fabric with CycloPure’s adsorption technology will usher in a new era of innovative textiles.


  • Protective Clothing. Adsorbent fabrics for applications such as protective clothing for industrial use, odor absorbing clothing for athletic and outdoor use, and respirators.
  • Air Treatment. Air treatment products such as adsorbent curtains, respirators and air filters.
  • Environmental Fabrics. The material is ideally suited for environmental remediation through the removal of contaminants in water or liquid phase with cloths or other adsorbent fabrics, and can be applied to remove toxic byproducts from dyes and other materials produced in the manufacture of textiles. ​

Creating Odor-Resistant Fabrics