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DEXSORB represents a new class  of high-surface area adsorbents that selectively target and remove micropollutants from water.  From home water treatment systems to municipal water treatment plants, DEXSORB adsorbents offer safe, cost-effective, and easy-to-use micropollutant removal solutions for communities, households, and industry.

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As one of the world's leading research and development companies in the field of novel,  molecular-designed polymer adsorbents, we work with manufacturing and distribution partners to make our DEXSORB solutions available for worldwide use.

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Our Senior Executive Team and Board of Directors includes internationally recognized and award-winning chemists, founders of Fortune 500 companies, and seasoned executives with decades of experience in building and operating worldwide technology businesses.

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We are a global leader in the science of targeted micropollutant removal and pioneered the first-ever use of cyclodextrin-based polymer adsorbents to safely strip away micropollutants in water treatment.
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